TAOS: Value Investing Traits And Habits Guidelines e-book

TAOS: Value Investing Traits And Habits Guidelines e-book

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A 60-page e-book from an experienced and prized hedge fund manager, about how to think and act before, during and after an investment, to ensure continuously improving quality of investment decisions.

After my career as a hedge fund manager (2000-2015), I wrote my story of The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade: our struggles, successes, challenges and lessons learned, unlearned and relearned as Futuris rose to the top of European asset management during a full decade. The story included 50 practical investment insights gleaned from all our most important tactical and strategical decisions over 15 years.

A little later, in collaboration with a reader, I helped design an artwork (TAOS) based on the 12 most important investor traits that I had distilled from the 50 lessons learned during my hedge fund years.

This is the accompanying short book (60 pages, delivered digitally as a pdf document) detailing exactly what those lessons are meant to convey. Currently, I'll give it away for free to any buyer of the TAOS artwork (send me an e-mail if I don't catch your TAOS order immediately), but here you can order the TAOS e-book separately, should you not have a suitable space for the full artwork.