The Art of Sprezzatura

The Art of Being Great

Discover an entirely new way to exceed your aspirations by improving your performance in an effortless way. Welcome an exclusive inspirational wall art designed to remind you of the most important things to achieve exceptional results in finance and life.


The Art of Sprezzatura

Elegant Visual Reminder

We had a goal to create a physical tool that would become a source of great practical value for you. Yet we wanted it to be so visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing you almost forget it’s a tool.

12 Unique Traits

This gorgeous artwork portrays twelve personal traits. Twelve traits that every successful investor should aim to excel at. Think of each trait as a facet of one gem — your psyche.

12 Useful Lessons

Each trait is complemented with concise and insightful advice by Karl-Mikael Syding. Advice based on his experience and observations during the turbulent decade of 2000-2009.

12 Great Quotes

Every lesson is concluded with a quote which summarizes the essence of the statement. It is intended to help you ingrain described thinking frameworks and operational principles.

Fine Art Print

The Art of Sprezzatura

Visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Artistic beauty combined with practical value. It could easily become one of your favorite and truly valuable acquisitions in a long time.

This special visual tool comes in one size of 24” x 36”. The first unique edition has golden illustrations and accents on a subtle background of royal dark blue.

The artwork is printed on custom 264 gsm quality paper giving each piece of art an elegant finish. Have it in your home and working space, or buy it as a thoughtful gift for your dear ones or colleagues. It is very likely to vitalize any living or working space and become a non-typical décor, a center of interest for your guests, that could spike many interesting conversations and will make any host proud.

The Art of Sprezzatura

The Quintessence

The entire artwork is dedicated to help us nurture key traits that are essential for grounded, authentic, independent, calm and sensible individuals. Twelve pieces of advice comprising this visual reminder were distilled from years of experience and deliberate practice. If applied with diligence and consistency, they will put things in the right perspective and arm you with newly discovered advantageous insights, healthy thinking habits and effective tactics.

Watch carefully where you are going. Investigate and analyze the actual evidence, don’t assume. Reality is what it is. Be pragmatic and curious. Don’t be stubborn; look for and allow new empirical data to change your investment thesis.

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.

Paul Anthony Samuelson

Economist, Nobel Laureate in Economics

Bide your time and wait until your target manifests your desired margin of safety. Never rush your decisions. Chasing an investment means you’re already too late. You don’t have to write monthly reports to investors, just a life report to yourself. Use that advantage.

Avoid hubris at all cost. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent after a lucky streak. Big wins are always part luck; and big losses often stem from overconfidence and gambling. You aren’t as good as you think. You still have to work hard for continued success.

The screwest thing you can do is think you’re a master of the universe. We’re all just little cogs, and the universe will go on without us. We have to fit into it and adapt to it.

Howard Stanley Marks

Investor and Writer, Co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management

Carefully weigh all facts and arguments against each other; and form your investment opinions with minimum external influences. Make decisions and take action with freedom of mind. Stand up to yourself and your ideas as long as the data support them, but not longer.

Valuation and investing is about a never-ending dynamic triangulation of fundamentals, trends and people’s sentiment and knowledge. Be aware of vantage points different from your own. Actively seek new and seemingly impossible angles regarding all three.

The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect. You need a temperament that neither derives great pleasure from being with the crowd or against the crowd.

Warren Edward Buffett

Business Magnate, Investor and Philanthropist

Human psychology, economics and financial markets move in cycles. Internalize that concept during turbulence; meditate and control your emotions to be ready for coming challenges. It’s never as bad or final as you first think. Keep calm and you will eventually find a solution.

Scrutinize your own modus operandi, your successes and failures thoroughly. Identify your irrational tendencies, biases, inclinations and flaws without preconception. Preempt your own reflexes and emotions, and control them with bespoke tactics and strategies.

More than anything else, what differentiates people who live up to their potential from those who don't is a willingness to look at themselves and others objectively.

Ray Dalio

Businessman, Investor, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

The Story of The Winner

Investor Extraordinaire

“The Art of Sprezzatura” artwork is based on the writings of noted investor Karl-Mikael Syding — Partner, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director at Futuris Asset Management (part of Brummer & Partners Group), winner of the “Hedge Fund of the Decade”, “Best Directional Hedge Fund Over 10 Years”, “Fund of the Year. European Equity (over $500m)” awards.

Money is nothing but a gauge of your progress toward self-actualization and freedom. Investing for me means acquiring tools for continuous learning and improvement. Unsurprisingly, the principles underlying personal growth also predictably lead to sustainable financial success.

Karl-Mikael Syding

Investor, Author

“Futuris” outperformed the stock market 7-fold, during arguably the toughest economic environment since the Great Depression (turning 1 Euro into 7, while the market went nowhere, via a series of dizzying booms and devastating busts.

In the most difficult stock market in a century, including two career crushing crashes and three meteoric bull manias in just 12 years, they delivered > 600% net return after fees to their clients (with below-market risk), while the stock market produced nothing but ulcers.

Hedge funds will have their own quirks and ways of doing things. Ours was no different — if you want to create real value, you have to be prepared to go against the grain & trust your individual instincts.

“Futuris” mastered one bull market, several bear markets of historical proportions, as well as the BRIC/Fed turnaround. Their spectacular performance gained them the most prestigious awards for outcompeting thousands of other hedge funds. They beat industry giants such as Soros, Einhorn, Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch, when it comes to average annual outperformance of the stock market.

0 %

0 years

Just two years after inception in October 1999, “Futuris” had accumulated +100% net return to its clients, while stock markets had gone exactly nowhere.

0 %

0 years

Between inception and the peak in April 2011, the fund hardly missed a beat it seemed, returning a net of +601 % in 11.5 years, or 18.4 % annually compounded.

The Story of The Winner

Striking Results


“Futuris” hedge fund performance since inception, compared with MSCI Euro NDTR Index and SIX Return Index (Index=100 at 14 October 1999)

Don’t let the compressed nature of the graph fool you. The market exploded upward at the end of 1999, crashed down to less than half its peak 3 years later, tripled, halved again and finally tripled again! Many careers and fortunes were laid to rest during those 15 years.

“Futuris”, although it was very difficult, thrived.

The Art
of Sprezzatura


Grosvenor House Hotel

Mayfair, London


The Story of The Winner

The Recognition

The room was dead quiet, when Gyles Brandreth, former Lord of the Treasury and British MP, several hours into the evening announced the winner of the year’s, actually the decade’s, most prestigious prize, “The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade”:

“Futuris, Brummer!”

It was Brummer’s fifth big, and most important, win that night, ahead of industry giants such as Winton, BlueCrest, Brevan Howard, MAN, BlackRock, Lansdowne, Marshall Wace, Odey and GAM.

An Exclusive Artwork

The Art of Sprezzatura

A unique physical art object. A remarkable visual reminder. Designed for investors, traders and people interested in self-development and accelerated growth. Your personal talisman. A meditational artwork sui generis, that will make a great appearance in your cabinet and lounge room.

24” x 36” Fine Art Print
Printed on custom 264 gsm paper

$149 ?


Commit to Greatness

The Art of Sprezzatura

Whether you think “The Art of Sprezzatura” will help you achieve exceptional results or not, you are right. It is you who decides.

If you are living a life of your dream already, you know what makes a fulfilled and happy living. You know what is a prerequisite for growth and moving forward. It’s leaving your limiting beliefs behind, overcoming resistance and doing what needs to be done with great amount of diligence and dedication.

No matter how lightweight and unforced any kind of mastery would seem, you should have no illusions about the amount of work and commitment required to excel at any particular field. It’s usually an enormous amount of hard work, persistence, trade-offs and sacrifice behind the façade of nonchalance and playfulness.

This is Sprezzatura.
The Art of studied carelessness.

Accelerated Growth

Value Investing

"The Art of Sprezzatura" tool will serve you as a physical reminder that will help you build your new empowering habits and anchor best practices to achieve success in finance specifically, and in life in general. All advice presented in "The Art of Sprezzatura" can be seized directly or perceived metaphorically due to the universal and fundamental nature of principles.

This unique tool will become an inspiring and motivational visual igniter that will energize your day, will help you stay focused on most important, most valuable things. It will help you stay grounded and do not diverge in the moments of intense negative experiences and important decision-making.

Discover new aspects of the matter, consider new perspectives, leverage your strengths and abandon unproductive detrimental practices and habits robbing you of your energy and time. Cut your losses. And start building a new well-balanced portfolio. Financially. Physically. Socially. Spiritually.

The Art of Sprezzatura

Vade Mecum

If you feel accomplished already, let “The Art of Sprezzatura” be your testament and personal reminder to proceed and always keep reaching for new horizons. Make sure you never regale on your laurels.
“Just figure out what’s next”.

If you are just deciding to embark on your journey and make a first major leap in your life, let “The Art of Sprezzatura” be your guiding star, a source of inspiration and an instrument for unparalleled growth. Make it a testimony of your dedication and a snapshot of a first stepping stone on your path to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

There’s no better time to start than now. Whether you decide to acquire “The Art of Sprezzatura” or not, make your first step TODAY.

I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next”.

Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs

An Exclusive Artwork

The Art of Sprezzatura

A unique physical art object. A remarkable visual reminder. Designed for investors, traders and people interested in self-development and accelerated growth. Your personal talisman. A meditational artwork sui generis, that will make a great appearance in your cabinet and lounge room.

24” x 36” Fine Art Print
Printed on custom 264 gsm paper

$149 ?


Remarkable Design

Quality Art Print

Advanced printing methods and quality materials are used to achieve exceptional detail and clarity of an art print, so it could find its deserved place in any modern and classy living environment.

Modern Style

The Art of Sprezzatura

Each trait comprising the artwork is represented by a symbolic well-thought-out illustration. Minimalistic flat style of illustrations gives this art piece a modern look, while the delicacy of laconic forms and elegant curves endues it with refined austerity of classicism.

This thoughtfully crafted artwork would make a great appearance in any modern interior and will add a nice and stylish touch to your personal room, lounge, bedroom and home office.

A temperate color palette will make this unique visual reminder a perfect fit to most of the modern interiors. This artwork will adorn and vitalize your lovely private and working space.

Aiming at Excellence

Elevated Performance

The artwork has a neatly arranged symmetrical composition, which is intended to communicate and instill a sense of confidence and clarity. There is no predefined order in which all of the twelve stated traits should be examined or acquired. All of the traits can be practiced independently or in conjunction with other traits. The artwork addresses various aspects of human condition, irrational tendencies, behavioral biases and bad thinking habits that stem our growth.

You can choose to work on a single trait each week or try to combine and foster several traits at once. You can nurture a particular trait on a chosen day of the week or come up with your own unique system that suits your needs best. Just make sure you are not too soft on yourself. Keep pushing the limits of what you think is possible and watch yourself gradually transition into a more authentic, self-reliant and holistic individual. Be sure that concentrating on at least a few traits for a considerable amount of time will most often elevate your in other areas as well.

An important aspect of this tool is that it will allow you to identify your blind-spots. When you make a mistake, it will help you recognize which one of the principles was broken. It will make it clear for you which lesson wasn't heeded and will give you insights you need to take note of in your investment diary.

Commitment to Growth

The Art of Sprezzatura

It's a combination of thoughtful analysis, deep thinking, patience and persistence that will propel you to the next level and reward you with much deserved personal and material success.

To improve on any chosen trait, you will have to delve into the subject and allow yourself to repetitively contemplate on every single trait in particular. All advice is based on Karl-Mikael Syding's writings. It was carefully selected, compiled and distilled by the author himself.

Use this tool to reaffirm your new habits and frameworks. "The Art of Sprezzatura" was created to do exactly that: help us discover our blind-spots, learn to discern our natural biases and irrational tendencies, master compulsive behavior, become more self-aware, grounded and equanimous.

"The Art of Sprezzatura" will help you make sure you do not succumb to what is comfortable and familiar, and always stay at the top of your game. Use it as a visual reminder, a personal mantra, a meditational image. Be fearless in your pursuits. Be intelligent with your decisions.

Reach for New Heights

The Art of Sprezzatura

Make 2017 the year you level up your game and set a firm foundation for accelerated growth in the years to come. Equip yourself with this useful and beautiful tool that will serve you as a compass and a handbook in the moments hardship and indecision.

Custom Inks

The artwork is printed with archival-quality inks that provide resistance to fading. Custom developed acid free pigment-based inks offer deeper color saturation and make artwork higher in contrast.

The Right Size

An unmissable visual beauty, this very special edition comes in one size of 24” x 36”. The right size makes important details distinguishable and readable from a farther distance.

Quality Paper

The artwork is printed on premium matted artist-grade paper with archival-quality pigment-based inks, which gives each piece of art an elegant finish and makes the details really stand out.